When I was in college one project I got to do was making a vaccine. It was a great learning experience.Today I find myself in a most bizarre period in time where a great number of people have no
 appreciation of what a vaccine does and have no interest learning.Also people are making the most illogical arguments against them. To begin with. no vaccine is 100%....that does not mean they are not
 effective.My father came from a family of 10 children half of which contracted polio. No argument from them about vaccinations.Fear is a 

great motivator.There are no atheists in foxholes.It must be the low mortality rate that repeatedly I hear it is just the flu. So was the Spanish flu with a 30% mortality rate ..how is that dismissive?
Regardless of fact people think it is their right to be illogical and for that we will have covid with us for many years more.It is a pity as the Chinese have the perfect solution for your
rights.Step on the streets and we will shoot you.It was amazing how fast covid was eradicated  in Wuhan.Get people to actually stay at home for a month or having rights.What is the correct solution?
In my opinion if we were really scientiftic  covid would be gone.Our health intellectuals have shown poor communication skills and have allowed a health issue to become a political one.Who would have
 thought?Who would have thought weak arguments would prevail over logical ones.If only it were a life or death situation.But it is and try to argue that to the
ones that have lost someone.No matter what defiance you choose your rights are killing someone so get a conscious or kill someone.