Just to clarify, I don't believe what you are calling a vaccine is actually a vaccine. It does not have the basic ingredient that would make it a vaccine. Which is part of the problem. I think Novavax is coming out with one, however. 
Second, it is the flu/cold not the Spanish flu. The point being we have had them around for eons and haven't panicked till now. Why is that I wonder? You say we have turned it political. Yeah, because that is what it was. Trump had the economy going well, unemployment lowest ever, so this was put in place to cause economic problems. TB took millions of lives yet we didn't close down businesses. And, did you notice which stores had to shut down? Mom and pop shops. Look back at your rules to destroy a nation. Get rid of the middle class. 
Thirdly, this is a corona virus, so we will NEVER be rid of it. We haven't got  rid of the cold nor flu, have we. 
And, I do agree, dr Falsi and the CDC's weak arguments and conflicting data are a problem. The media, as usual, is taking its marching orders from the deep state that owns them. In spite of ivermectin and hydroxychloraquine having been around and effective for decades, the government is saying not to take them. Why? 
And, your weak attempt at shaming people for not believing the ruse is shockingly illogical. I have asked these questions before yet no one, not even the village idiot outhouse, has tried to answer them. 1) When has the government paid hospitals and nursing homes to put down a specific cause of death? Wouldn't that severely skew the real numbers? 2) When has the government made people get a shot or not be able to travel, keep a job, go into federal buildings? When vaccine passports weren't mentioned a year ago as something that would happen, libs laughed at that. As usual, the people that can see what is going on were right. The garbage the media puts out is so glaringly one sided and wrong it surprises me more haven't figured out the con. But, after we are completely without rights, maybe a few dimwitted sheep will understand. In the meantime the vaccinated that are carrying covid loads 100's of times that of unvaccinated should be quarantined. Those that have had covid and beat it have the natural immunity and should be free to go anywhere and some anything. That is science. Remember when Falsi talked about herd immunity?