It is a weird stance even for a shorter though.

I do not believe anyone really bases their investment decisions based on anonymous BB posts.

The posts actually state underperformance with future performance virtually guaranteed by future FCF.

Isn't that the kind of investment you would look for even if only short term trading?

For longterm investors like myself ARX is on track to provide a 100% YTD gain this year just like the 100% gain they posted in 2021 culminating in a tripling of the share price since the Seven Gens takeover announcement.

The dividend is just gravey and not too thin an "au jus" either.

Add in buybacks and debt repayment and I can't ask for more .

This is an easy hold.

GLTA Longs 

downwithdotcom1 wrote: ohoh the 2022 TOTAL M@RON is back..simple, got a : short position and thats all...dwdc