Of course it's "shareholder money." They did a financing and issued shares. Those investors are now "shareholders." THAT'S where the money comes from until they negotiate a deal or start selling OTX themselves. The company has publicly reported data and information as they have received it. 

"Whole different entity?" Huh? Different from what? "Picks up the data?" "Pennies on the dollar?" What are you even talking about? They don't sell "data." They're a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The data's free and they just reported it! You seem to be impying they would give away the drug they have been working on for almost a decade now which is, well, dumb.

Learjet12345678 wrote: So if you are not gushingly optimistic on this forum you are a fool? How about if these guys keep burning through shareholders money meanwhile giving out tidbits of information to try and keep you all enthused and a whole different entity picks up the data for pennies on the dollar? Possible?