I don't know if the "opening bell effect" would be the sole reason for today's jump but it does significantly increase the company's exposure to a wider audience, even if the event itself was virtual.

From TSX/TMX website:

"Market Open Ceremonies at Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) provide an opportunity to generate exposure for listed companies and select organizations. The market opens are broadcast live on the Business News Network morning show and live streamed on YouTube. The event is also featured on TSX.com and TMX.com, and shared through Twitter and Facebook."

I have no idea how many people who didn't already know it might have been exposed to the name Antibe Therapeutics today, but I'd wager it's a lot!

Jefnan1 wrote: There is no way today's activity has anything to do with the opening bell. I read the daily comments on here and can't believe the people who think the share movements either up or down have anything to do with the factors that  effect a mature company on a daily basis. This is a speculative drug development company so if you believe the proof of concept than you shouldn't care what happens on a daily basis.