And there are many scenarios.
Just not comfortable putting a price on it.

Everything revolves around lowest dose findings.
What we didn't get after P2 was closure on dosing.
I think that makes a world of difference.

Add additional directions for higher dosing ... one opportunity being as a post-op med.
Not only will all this lab work take additional risk out of P3, additional directions will show OTENA has multiple lives.

Then, by the time we go to P3 (assuming all was good), we have other very important drugs added to the funnel - respiratory and AD/PD.

It's the money in the bank that could play a key role to do more in a shorter period than we ever imagined.  Show us the drugs!  Show me the money !

CoffeeBeans wrote: Today $1.15... it might drop to a dollar or below in the short term... but this will jump once they figure this out and jump again on the next catalyst so by this time next year will be back in the $3 range.....If they don't figure this out then it will be $.50 with no volume for a long t. If they don't figure this out then it will be $.50 with no volume.