Given that we've had this kind of "scare" before in Ph. 1 with ATB-346 proving more potent than they realized at the time, I'm banking on a lower dose being the answer. Many of you will remember that I have been advocating for a sub-100mg dose for quite a while. All we really need to shoot for is simply to be as effective as Naproxen at reducing pain while lowering GI and liver impact. If we can do that, then it's a winner. We don't have to be head-and-shoulders better in terms of pain reduction as long as it's safer. 

That said, I remain in the "external factors" camp to explain the LTEs and am hopeful this will be confirmed by the company in the coming weeks. And yes, I've put my money where my mouth is buying around $40k USD since the "pause," most of it around the $.89 - $.90 cents range. 

If it is determined that alcohol or other pain meds played a role, then we're probably still looking at a 100-150mg lowest effective dose which beats out Naproxen in both efficacy and safety. If no external factors and no genetic or other medical issues in the three LTE partcipants, then we go lower dose hunting.

So, still plenty of runway here even in the worst case scenario.

GLTA (fudsters, shorters, bashers and other assorted idiots excluded)


CoffeeBeans wrote: Today $1.15... it might drop to a dollar or below in the short term... but this will jump once they figure this out and jump again on the next catalyst so by this time next year will be back in the $3 range.....If they don't figure this out then it will be $.50 with no volume for a long t. If they don't figure this out then it will be $.50 with no volume.