I don't know, when I post something a week or 2 later I'm reading the same thing that I posted in the news, and it's happened numerous times whenever I read the reasons for Oil or NG movements it's like reading my posts. Just recently I was posting about all the Drilling Rigs that will lead to production and a week later it's used for a reason when NG sold off. Or how about when I posted that China had found the first case of Omicron Subvarian and a week later it was used as a reason for Oil selling off?  Well, 2 weeks ago I posted that the Russia-Ukraine wheat deal could be the first step towards a ceasefire well here it is in the news today. If you think that a recession could drive Oil and NG lower just imagine how far it would sell off if Russia agreed to a ceasefire.
I should write about a trader winning $200Mil Powerball lottery and maybe it'll be me, lol

Russia grain deal could lead to ceasefire