It should be obvious now that this stock is going no where until we get few consistent positive cash flow quarterly report.  Sale of Belfast and Morocco will bring bump but I now think we will get some traction beginning of 2020 when 2019 4th quarter (positive) results  are released.  I don’t know why  some were thinking that selling CRJ, and Q400 were going to bring bags of cash.  And why some are thinking it’s bad to sell these division.

Both q400 and crj were end of their life and putting money into it to refresh doesn’t make sense.  Look at ATR and EMB they are not exactly making a killing.  ATR has gone thru several financial troubles and name change.  Margins are not there for turboprop.  EMB while enjoying low labour cost haven’t made break thru with their refresh E jets and one of its refresh model  doesn’t even make scope clause. Market and margin is not there.  AB also sees this and that’s why they didn’t follow BA and buy out CRJ program to compete with them.

this is the best scenario for bbd to get rid of weak division which is loosing money.  Bonus is bbd actually got some cash coming in from selling them.  Belfast and Morocco are profitable and money  making division and it will bring more money.  Billions for sure.  Once Belfast and Morocco are sold bbd will go back to rail and business jet.  It is success of business jet that got bbd into q400 and RJ market now bbd will go back to its root with higher margin.