Coda111 wrote: "An entire business unit sold! And nothing! ..."

The way I see it the transaction is a good one for both parties.  Nothing exceptional but good.

When Bombardier announced a few weeks ago that it was negotiating the sale, the common shares jumped over 10% in two days.

Today was just a confirmation of what the market had already priced in.

The terms seem to be within the range of expectations so there was no reason for the shares to move substantially either way.

While important that transaction is a relatively small part of the overall changes taking place at Bombardier.  Assets are sold reducing future sales but hopefully reducing losses on the sold assets.  Balance sheet gets cleaner somewhat.

To be determined is where will the proceeds of these sales go.  Debt reduction? New projects? Or,,,,,

Everyone is entitled to an opinion as to what Bombardier should do with the money but, at the end of the day, that decision will be made by directors appointed by the majority shareholders - the Bombardier/Beaudoin family.