BNS's yield beats all the others for sure.  

There is an NCIB in place so share price appreciation isn't always the goal which may explain the CEO's out of favour comments.

BNS's share price always has an upper limit valuation that compares favourably with all the other bank stocks for those looking to trade the stock for profits.

For those looking for pure yield for dividend income you cannot do better than BNS if you you have a low ACB.

The poster that made the comment about timing is mostly correct for trading the stock and divy yield income.  Over the long haul even if you did not time the buys you did ok which pretty much means you almost can't go wrong.

This is a good low buying level for sure.

GLTY and all

DeanEdmonton wrote: But they are actually better than what most of the other Banks posted. Only one even close is TD. I am buying Scotia on the drops based on what I have seen this quarter and the past couple.