post here with new ideas and  stuff that others would not see posting a widely broadcast news release is just a waste of time and no one cares because anyone thats invested etc already gets this news ;; I swear morons like you do it just to read their own post now fo 
CanSiamCyp wrote: Good point pjn! I always try to share news flashes cuz not everybody can see every relevant item. Don't see why anyone complains about such posts - as opposed to the childish rants and conflicts encountered on some bullboards (which always elicit an "ignore" placement from me).


pjn0987654321 wrote: I like to see news posted.  I would much rather be told something I already know than not be told something I don't.  In this case, I do not follow  

Almost always, I give news posts a thumbs up.  People like you usually go onto ignore with the thousand or so others already on my ignore list.