I dont dispute management seems confident and there is potential large upside if all the ducks like up. But to view it with only positive what ifs? Is foolish. Instead of presuming the best case scenario it is best to look at what is in front of you. Fact: q1 saw massive impairements which only felt the small effect of covid. Fact: divy was cut a little over a month+ into covid. Fact: there was a ray of sunshine for q2 collections but it is factoring in the "in between" period from deferals to businesses opening. Roughly a month or two whereby many businesses were kept a float by government grants. Fact: economic cycles are slow in either direction and the recession in the usa has just started. It may be a shorter year + recession best case or as some fear much worse. Chargeoffs have not been encouraging so far in 2020 and i fear we are at the tip of the iceberg. Opinion: divy is gone for a long long time with much less originations