Luckyguy777 wrote

In my mind the yield is what I am getting based on current value.  The cost is irrelevant as there is always the opportunity to sell (which I am not) and buy something else.  If the yield based on current value declines, I may sell.  To look at yield vs cost doesnt tell anything about the current market environment.


 The yield you are getting at the current shareprice is the  current yield.   As everyone has a different cost average each investor would have a different  personal yield on their shares based on the average purchase price they payed. 

At the same time i understand your point. Whatever you payed is your profit or loss. You also have to look at  the overall  position  and prospects of the company and what yield you are currently getting from CJ  at the current shareprice and what you could get by selling here and buying another dividend stock.

As they say it is not a good idea to fall in love with a stock although if CJ were single i might propose. While we are waiting for the good news quarterly report does anyone have any other stock prospects that they would like to share with the board oil stocks or others?

Good luck to all.