I was in the camp of expecting to see an increase of the dividend announced at the Quarterly, but when we didn't get it I didn't expect one on this dividend announcement. So to me this really a non- conversation point at the moment.

I've shifted my expectations that they will issue a press release when they 'Officially' get debt below 50 million. We have been playing hypotheticals and figure mathematically that they have already passed that point, but it's likely a paperwork thing at this point in that they haven't officially made the payment that brings us below 50 million (which I would foresee in the next month or 2). At that point, I would then expect we see a new 'plan' for shareholder returns.

We play with numbers here and average things out, but fact of the matter is CJ likely bills for payments once a month (or different timeline) and they are likely 1-2 months behind on billing and maybe 1-2 months behind on receiving payments which makes sense as a reason why financials happen 1-2 months after a quarter of buisness ends and most of those financials are calculated and more likely closed. We get a notice on quarterlys 'receivables' which I'm pretty positive is payments we have billed for but are yet to receive on the close of the quarter paperwork. I know in the ICI construction industry it can take 2-6 months (or longer, some cases over a year) to receive payments billed for and I'm sure many other buisness types are similar especially the larger the payments are to be. Just something to keep in mind that I too tend to overlook when I'm playing with numbers in analyzing things.