"Maybe thats why we were the ONLY copper company up today."

No, Capstone was up 1 cent, Amerigo was up $0.03, Alpha was up $0.01, Ero Copper was up $0.29, and Wheaton was up $2.52.

Amerigo has the best looking chart of the copper producers except for Teck.  However, Teck is also a coal producer and coal has shot up in price recently.   Amerigo has declined the least since the decline in copper started in April.  The difference with Amerigo is that unlike all the other producers they are not a miner with all the risks associated with mining.  As  They are just a copper ore processor.

While CMMC has declined with the recent pull back in the price of copper and technical problems in Q1 with a broken ball mill shaft.  That was repaired in April so production for Q2 should be back up.  CMMC is advancing with its EVA project in Austrialia.