Agreed, the reason this stock is collapsing has to be geo political risk. Daniel Oretega can't be trusted. I learned my lesson the hard way with "Gold Reserve." Initially things in Venezuela were good when they made their huge gold and copper discoveries, we even had a treaty with Venezuela to compensate foreign companies, if they got nationalized. Fat lot of good it did, the only ones rewarded were lawyers, and company executives. Hugo Chavez, and now Nicholas Maduro totally killed the "Golden Goose"!!!, many investors including myself were left holding the bag, and the project would have  been very good for the people of Venezuela, but now the countries economy is a total mess. They had the largest oil reserves in the world ( their oi exports, have totally collapsed), defaulted on debt, and still have major sanctions.   As a result they have turned to  bail outs from China, and good old Vladamir Putin.I think that most of the profits from the operations in Nicaragua have to be used for other more profitable mining operations  in poltically friendly countries. They are working that way, but it will take a lot of time, but that might cause Ortega to nationalize Calibre Mining as well.