That is a very one-sided view of the fund. There is also a good chance of another 10% pullback on the next set of interest rate hikes, and if that happens, buyer of DF will be sitting on deadmoney for a few years. I threw my rose-colored glasses away many years ago when it cost me thousands of dollars.

pulcan wrote: hi all,  I made a significant move into this stock position DF.TO as this was hammered over the past two weeks. This is a high paying dividend .10cents for every share. The best part is they have one of the best holdings with growth in oil and energy/banks sector. Also they are no longer paying service fees to the any of the banks or brokers. The NET Average value is just under $14.66 and we need net $15 to pay the dividend. So LOAD up as we come back at these low prices and i have owned this in the past. Thanks to the service fees we have a quicker turn around at $15 net average value. This is one that i have added last week a significant dollar value in my portfolio. This is another OIL, Energy play with the banks. Our top holding is TC Energy Corp and this is a stock that is going to do very well. Check out the website for more details and i did buy a lot of the CLASS A shares not the perferred. Again, if you follow me on other stock i just want to make sure we protect our portfolio over the summer.