I don't see how it doesn't trade up at least somewhat on these results.....they were just about as good as they could have been.  DIV never exactly trades how you'd expect it to though.....it often goes up out of the blue for no reason then doesn't respond the way it should to good news. 
This was the first full quarter where to my knowledge we were free of all covid restrictions so the percentage increases had to be somewhat expected.  Still.....other than my earlier concerns about Mr. Lube and Air Miles in the future this thing is hitting it out of the park right now. 
God I'd be thrilled though if somehow they could monetize 'half' of Mr. Lube (not sure if that sort of transaction is possible but it would be great if it was) at a premium when it's hot right now and replace that revenue with some more Nurse Next Door or Oxford Learning type new royalties.....ones that you know that should still be around and thriving in decades.
With this latest quarter Mr. Lube now accounts for almost exactly FIFTY percent of adjusted revenue.....partially because of more revenue per location and partially because DIV is required to buy into all these new locations being added into the pool.  Of course there are worse problems to have....but you know my thoughts on Mr. Lube's long term prospects.  I'd be much more comfortable if it was 25% at most.