Techone. Nice to hear from you on Spectal board, not only on the NPK - Verde Agritech board (where you input is great) You're one of the few posters on here that I know don't have an agenda. 

Great post! I only have 30,000 shares of EDT, but always interested in releases like yesterdays. Certainly is somewhat anecdotal but nice to see nonetheless. This .54 SP is confusing with all Spectral has going but I will hold to the bitter end to see what comes of this gem? Can't say the company has managed funds particularly well, but they seem to have the holy grail for Sepsis.

We should have the normal run up to FDA decision time (whenever that is) next summer fall? But the real catalyst seems to be either a Baxter Buyout, FDA approval or revenue exploding. Any of those would be nice.

I had a family member die of Sepsis several years ago, so I am always wishing for FDA to approve this game changing device to help other families.   Let hope it's a home run and not another Canadian Biotech dud. My money says winner....we shall see:-) good luck with all your investments!!