Thanks GAla.. 

Would not it be something if Spectral share price manage to do what Verde has done.?? We can use a 10-20 bagger.. 

However, we know Small BioTechs are notoriously hard to go the distance but for now Spectral has a lot going for it.. Dialco alone is worth a lot more then current marketcap of Spectral so I am hopeful eventually markets will give them their due..

I agree that management has diluted the capital base quite a bit but on the other hand, some of it has been beyond their control..  Launching Dialco with SAMI and DIMI was a life saver in turning the company's prospects should the PMX trial disappoint.. Hopefully not.. 

My cousing died 4 years ago due to Sepsis as well.. Rather young too, at 50+  I am sure every family has a story so even if limited in application, hopefully it will be save a lot of patients so beside looking for a winner as an investment, there are more valid reasons for cheering the company to deliver..