A ten bagger would be superb and good enough for me...as that would bring it somewhere around 25 or 30. The thing is im looking at it this this time around (after holding for 8 years) and im not so certain....and i may regret it in a year or two for not investing more...because: 1) the uranium price hasnt taken off. ( all it had was a bump up due to covid restrictions and now its back down) Studies show it may linger in the same supply/demand situation for another couple of years. The key fact holding it down is that speculators bought up massive inventories of the stuff over the past 3 or 4 years when it was $18. Now they are actually doing deals with utilities....because they have so much product...at maybe 30 or 35 a pound ( and they can honor multiyear contracts) so they are making good money at the same time they are locking out the miners who want to sell their product. Heck they are even selling to the producers....cameco, peninsula etc who have long term contracts at maybe 45, and if they buy it from the speculator/hoarder for $28 they win because it costs them more than that to actually produce the stuff, the speculator is making money so at the moment everyone is fine with this situation. The question is how much has been hoarded at $18 (when the big producers were stupid enough to keep producing when there was no demand...a lesson they learned by now im sure. Add to that unspecified quantities of yellowcake that the japanese may have in storage (they are very secretive and no one know how much they have but some estimstes were 30 or 40 years supply for their 40 or so reactors, most of which are now permanently decomissioned). And they will probably be dumping huge on the market because they will never need it again. This may have same effect as back 15 years ago when the russians had a deal with the US to sell decomissioned nuclear warheads to the US. Can you imagine what that did to uranium miners considering a nuclear bomb with 50 pounds of weapons grade uranium can be reprocessed to create maybe 10000 lbs of reactor fuel. Thankfully that program ended about 5 years ago but not after doing great damage to US producers. So i dont have a clear picture of uranium prices taking off on the next 18 to 24 months..or even longer. And this us supported by research firms. 2) Regarding vansdium, back in 2018 i made some money when erf went from $2 to $5. But that was real ....vanadiun had jumped to$32 a pound. There was huge money to be made and efr got right on it. Its no wonder people pushed the price up to $5. The profits were going to be huge but alas the price quickly went back down to around $6 dollars...still there now, so efr had to just put the 1.9 million pounds it produced into storage, having sold only a fraction of that at $32. 3) i have no numbers regarding REE production so i cant quantify revenues or profits at this time