Enbridge gave back none of those gains and on a down market day too.


Investors jumping on board for the ride up to earnings?

The NCIB buying back shares at a pace that is setting a bottom here?

Who cares?

Just Go Enbridge! ;-)

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: I wouldn't get too excited about the buck and change gain Monday.  You know how Enbridge trades, it'll probaby give back most of those gains today.....

Quin wrote:"With all due respect,  what did you contribute?

The stock seems to be chugging along nicely gaining over a buck today and surging past that resistance at $55 or so.  

It looks like the next stop is the $59 level again when we will see if it has the momentum to get past $60 this time around.

It kind of depends on earnings which should be good due to high demand and full pipes.

It looks like they have been buying back shares so that should help.

A 6% yield and share buybacks.

Go Enbbridge! ;-):"