It is not gambling when you can't lose.  With an over 6% yield that beats GICs and any other blue chip stocks how can you?

That is right I said blue chip as the utility end of this investment guarantees FCF and dividends year after year.

PC terminolgy is easy and you already used it.  Investor.  If you have cash it is the great equalizer.

One thing is certain if you invest your cash in ENB you are going to have more cash.

Crash after crash, pandemic, recession, financial crisis...ENB pays and it always pays more.

Go Enbridge! ;-)

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote:

Valid point, investors (gamblers) are placing their bets and spinning the earnings wheel, kinda like they do on the pot stocks I guess.

Place your bets gentlemen , oh and yes, not just the gentlemen, but you too women, non binary, and LBGTQRSYV PLUS 7 ( I don't want to exclude anyone ) - and hope for the best.

Quin wrote:"Enbridge gave back none of those gains and on a down market day too.


Investors jumping on board for the ride up to earnings?

The NCIB buying back shares at a pace that is setting a bottom here?

Who cares?

Just Go Enbridge! ;-)"