I was pretty sure the billing is all automated but would not at all be surprised if it favours them as most odds favour the house, (Who would rig it any other way?).

I was curious to see if mine turned out the same so I logged in to see my last two bills,

My May-June bill was an estimate and they estimated the exact same usage as last May- June which kind of makes sense.

My June-July bill was a read and came in lower than last month's usage and lower than last year's June-July usage but yeah, way more in price per cubic meter charged.this month to the tune of a 52% increase in the effective supply rate which is what I am charged so this month's bill was a little more than last month's bill but not nearly as much as if that estimate had have been short and had more tacked on to this months bill.

My question for you is: 

Are you on equal billing and this is catch up month for the end of the billing season?

Otherwise I do not understand as every other month is an estimate on non-equal billing and they catch up with the meter read the next month.

I am assuming equal billing catches up at the end of the billing cycle with the under estimated amount shoved at the going rate right now which is higher and yeah sucks if thats what happened.

I would say check your monthly usage from the previous year on each bill and if it is a lot different yes give them an earful with just cause.

My mother-in-law is on equal billing so I will check and see what they dinged her.  I seem to recall she had a credit last year so they over estimated her usage a little.

Does everyone's equal billing season end in July?

Either way ENB pays me a lot more than I pay them and thats the way I like it.

Go Enbridge! ;-) 

rad10 wrote: long term enbridge holder here.

Amazed at the sleazy predatory billing practise.  Deliberately underestimated usage this winter for several months despite an accurate meter reading that they chose not to use a few months ago.  They have now loaded the July bill since a doubling of the underlying commodity!  

Outstanding fresh out of CPA or MBA school dirtbag behaviour!  

We'll see how this plays out.  11 out of 10 for commitment by the Enbridge billing department.  I am just sorry for the older or fixed income folks that don't see the gamesmanship.  Ombudsman is going to have a field day.