That's ok they will just go skiing in Quebec.  They don't think it is part of Canada.

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: One suspect is dead, the other is still at large. 
I sure hope they can arrest the 2nd brother without incident, rehabilitate him, and release him in to society in a few years.  After all, that would be the Canadian thing to do, right ?  
Americans aren't known for their geographical prowess, I wonder if they'll cancel their Banff ski trips because of the violence we have in our prarie provinces.  I sure as hell wouldn't venture up here if I was 'Merican.  Can-Er-DUH's cops would lock yer ar$e up for using an aluminum bat against an armed intruder - no "stand your ground" laws in Can-Er-DUH, that's for DAMN sure, and there are 28 victims to prove it !!!!!!!

And oh yeah, Go Can-ER-DUH, Go !

Quin wrote: "I am sure that the multitude of American travelers that were going to spend their winter break in Prince Albert are canceling their travel plans as we speak.

No piplines were harmed in the making of this thread."