"The company's plans for a 66-kilometre detour of Line 5 around the reservation are already two years along, with 100 per cent of private landowners along the new route having already signed agreements."

Go Enbridge! ;-)

kijiji wrote:
WASHINGTON — A judge in Wisconsin has ruled in favour of an Indigenous band in its dispute with Enbridge over the Line 5 pipeline. 
However, the decision by District Court Judge William Conley stops short of shutting down the controversial cross-border oil and gas link. 
Conley acknowledges that such an order would have serious foreign-policy ramifications for both Canada and the United States. 
He also notes Foreign Affairs Minister Mlanie Joly's recent decision to invoke a 1977 treaty between the two countries that specifically covers cross-border pipelines. 
Conley says the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, which wants the pipeline removed from its territory, is entitled to financial compensation. 
And he's ordered Enbridge to reroute the pipeline around Bad River territory within five years, an effort the company says is already underway. 
More coming