So the Indigenous are now, "everyone" ?

Immigration was going to happen.  After all that is how the indigenous got here.

If they didn't want pipelines they shouldn't have taken the money or made the agreements.

Enb will re-route around them and they can have their land back.

Go Enbridge! ;-)
FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: I would take a wild guess most Natives aren't fond of colonialism.
  No colonialism, no white man diseases, no colonialism, no drug and alcohol problems on the rez, no colonialism, no residential school killings of children.  And of course, no colonialism, no pipelines running thru rice fields and other sacred lands....

Go King Charles the 3rd Go !

Quin wrote:"Who hates colonialism?  No colonialism no Canada.

That old lady never hurt a fly and she wasn't responsible for colonialism either.  

She promoted The Commonwealth.

R.I.P. Liz

Go Enbridge! ;-)"