Have you checked your chin?

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: And don't forget the Line 3 and Line 5 protesters DRIVE to their protest sites with fuel probably that ran thru ENB pipes.

And yes, Barbados dumped the monarchy, and became a republic last year.

Speaking of the Royals, has anyone seen prince Harry's balls ?  Apparently they went missing when he hooked up with that narcissist Meghan...

Quin wrote:"Barbados is a republic within the commonwealth.  Most member nations are.  Jamaica probably will be too.  They mourn the loss of QE II also because they know she was not a colonizer.

They were the first peoples and have say over their land.

ENB will respect their wishes and go around their land although I am sure they heat with gas that is ENB supplied.

Go Enbridge! ;-)"