Agreed.  When it comes to ESG, ENB does it right.  One more line of defense to aid in mitigating potential leaks as well as providing infrastructure security across their entire asset base.

Go Enbridge! ;-)

ckwong wrote: Flyscan Systems Inc. is a Canadian spin-off from Canada's National Optics Institute founded in 2015. Its mission is to help energy companies and all operators of long linear critical infrastructure to better protect their assets, the public and the environment with a positive financial return. It automate detection and report multiple potential threats that can affect pipeline assets and everything that surrounds it.

On August 11, 2020, there was announcement:

Flyscan Systems Announces Strategic Financing Round with Enbridge, BDC and INO

Today, Flyscan Systems Announces Pre-Series A Strategic Financing Round with Hatch, BDC Capital and Enbridge, The funding will enable Flyscan to support commercialization and scaling up its operations as it has entered commercial agreements with multiple energy companies in North America.

Very political correct and smart move.