I didn't see any updates about a knife or an interpreter but I did see that the victim was his wife which puts it into the domestic disturbance area.

From what I know of the kirpan is it is a curved blade which doesn't lend itself to being very stabby.

All in all I would say that Canadian Tire only needs to hire armed guards if it intends to protect wives from their husbands.  Its customers seem as safe as ever. 

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: The news report was updated, always watch for updates as it was a "developing" story.
  The report didn't specifically mention a "kirpan", but at what blade length does a kirpan become a knife, or vice-versa ?
  You seem to be more literate on the subject than I am, so i'll let you explain said differences.  Cheers.

Quin wrote:"Not the news report that you posted.

So.....not a kirpan?"