And you think he wouldn't have one?

So now you want to turn the Canadian Tire store into the that's not ok coral?

No thanks.  

I thought you wanted them for personal protection not vigilante policing.

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: What's really disturbing is not a single person ran TOWARDS the victim to render assistance.  Everyone in the store said fcuk this, i'm outta here !

Perhaps if one of those customers had been carrying a Glock, that poor woman would still be alive today....

Quin wrote:"I didn't see any updates about a knife or an interpreter but I did see that the victim was his wife which puts it into the domestic disturbance area.

From what I know of the kirpan is it is a curved blade which doesn't lend itself to being very stabby.

All in all I would say that Canadian Tire only needs to hire armed guards if it intends to protect wives from their husbands.  Its customers seem as safe as ever. "