Easier to get than a knife?  Doubt it.

You think this was planned?  Doubt that too.

FiddyFiddyOddzz wrote: Illegal firearms are easy to get, if the accused had of wanted execution by firearm, he woulda been armed. It was a clear choice he made to use a knife as his weapon, perhaps he wanted her to suffer a little more than she would being shot.
A responsible, licensed concealed firearm carrying customer, could have possibly saved this woman's life. Certainly her chances of survival would have been better than a store load of customers stampeding to the exit thinking:  "Fcuk this $hit, we're outta here, best of luck to you"

Quin wrote:"And you think he wouldn't have one?

So now you want to turn the Canadian Tire store into the that's not ok coral?

No thanks.  

I thought you wanted them for personal protection not vigilante policing."