Still messy due to Omicron but govt funding persists and covered the shortfall.  I liked their rationale for selling retirement and entering into new jv/Revera/Axium/SGP - the new deals will generate $0.05 in AFFO versus Retirement at $0.08.  So they will use $70mm out of the $309 million of sale proceeds and cover 63 percent of the lost Affo from the sale.  $70 million to generate $5.3 million in AFFO.   Indicated that they will be less infrastructure intensive going forward , with the fee business much more important.   Currently under leveraged .   

current polls have the odds of a conservative majority in the provincial election at 82 percent so odds of crazy liberals taking over slim.  

Inflation is obviously a near term issue where they hope to get more govt help, but it will weigh near term.

im happy to hold here and buy more sub $7.   I like this capital light strategic direction and the relatively immunity of the LTC and Home Health to a recession.  

good luck