The market this morning has spoken loud and clear about what they believe is the risk to 

Excellon regarding the litigation.   The stock is flat  and  there is no running for the hills.

The price has taken everything into account and if one looks at the entire silver stock sector,

whether you look at First Majestic or a host of other ones  you will find they are down 50% from 

their 52 week high.  If one takes that into account then Excellon has lost about .50 cents per share

for the litigation nonsense.   That is what is priced in. b

Having said all that,  like I said before  ....  this will go up the ladder of government officials and

as it moves up the local district court will have their hands slapped at this outrageous nonsense.

Read the press release carefully  .......

As stated previously, we do not expect this judgment to impact any of our other assets, including Platosa, Kilgore, Oakley and Silver City or foresee any significant cash outflow from Excellon or San Pedro.

Under accounting rules, however, we were required to take a provision for this litigation, which had a significant non-cash impact on our financial results.

Despite the injustice of this judgment, we remain open to a fair and rational settlement with the plaintiff, while also pursuing avenues through our labour, community and government relationships and investigating remedies under international law.

The key in all this  ....    government relationships  ....  and up the ladder it goes.  This clown or clowns who also had the gall to come here and try to 
scare people and has a few handles trying to do the same  ...  fear monger ...
is getting nothing  ...  maybe a few scraps so that they shut up.

Excellon considering where silver is about to go real soon is one of the darlings in the silver space.

Buy Buy Buy