Comparing an exploration company who is hoping that they may find something,  then hopes that

what it finds is economically viable,  then has to go through all the environmental,  government 

permitting,  financing,  etc etc etc etc   ....   and if and that is a mighty big if all the stars align then

we might have a producing company in 10 years time  so I am sorry but lets compare apples 

to apples.

Excellon has had wonderful drill results for Platosa and keeps adding ounces to a producing mine.

Everyone knows exactly what will happen to the silver price in the not to distant future so what we

have here is a producer who has excellent leverage to the price of silver.  With the increase in

price Excellon cash flow and profit will rise dramatically.    Excellon if you recall doubled the land

package at Silvercity,  the results have so far been very good and the drilling continues.  Last we

had heard Excellon was awaiting the environmental assesment for Kilgore and was hoping to

have a definitive answer in the second quarter but obviously these thing can be delayed.  However

any way you slice the U.S. properties you are looking at about 800,000 oz indicated and another

300,000 oz inferred between the 2 properties  ...  so you have over a million oz of gold and a ton

of potential.   With Excellon you have a small float of shares so even if they had to go out and 

raise capital  ...   not such a big deal.   Now if you feel that what I have just outlined does not 

compare to your exploration play then you are more than welcome to pass Excellon up  ....

no need to have an interest in something you are not interested in  ...  huh ?

And $5 million dollars in cash that they have  as reported in the latest filing, is not zero.

Remember they are a producing company that is profitable each quarter and when the silver

price explodes   ....   what will their cash flow and profit look like then ??????