The last decade arguably  from about 2008/10  until  2018/19  the mining sector was 

pretty much dead.   Very little interest in money going into anything mining related.   

Again your comment that Excellon should have been doing things in the last decade when

the metal prices were much lower and the fact that it was so difficult to raise money,  makes

no sense.   You are offering points which make no sense as to your assessment that 

Excellon is not worthy of your dollars.   I would argue that Idaho is a multi million oz gold

deposit when all things are said and done,   Mexico will do just fine,  and Silver City has the 

potential to be another fantastic silver find,  combine with the fact that silver prices will explode,

and the cashflow and profit from Mexico production will be enormous.    So those are tangible

facts and not some pie in the sky ramble ons that you offer in your assessment.   Finally,  if 

you have no interest in Excellon,  you do not have to buy it,  and why bash it with false

comments ?