When you read the first paragraph where they outline the history of platosa and the 

benefits and jobs to the local community  ...  it almost sounds like an ultimatum.

Should you want to keep things as they are  we MAY,  find in our  ASSESSMENT,  that 

we feel we are not economically viable.   With so much drilling,  and assay results still pending

on much drilling,  nevermind the biggie  -  SILVER PRICES expected to move up significantly,  how

can you forecast what you may do ???   When you read the news release it does not say

explicitly we are closing down Platosa.  It says we are assessing and we will decide.

Every company out there can say the same about their projects  ...  are they economically 

viable at any set of parameters  ?????   What this sounds to me like  ...  it is a direct threat

to the community,  the jobs,  the government,  and the legal system who came down with this

absolutely proposterous decision.   So its like if you want to hold a gun to our head we will now

hold our own gun pointed at you  ....   we can easily shut down the mine  and stop all benefits

to the community,   and we can wait as long as it takes to get favorable terms.

I do not see this moving the price.  All this is priced in.  They will concentrate on the USA and 

Germany  and as the news release has said no decision will be made for 6 months which

gives the Mexicans time to re evaluate things.