Spot silver price is down over 3 % and all the precious metals stocks especially silver ones are

getting hit across the board.   Mostly all are down between  5 to 10 %  so when we look at the 

price action of Excellon it is following suit.   The news release yesterday has had no impact on it

because in my opinion as I wrote in my last post,  this  maybe we will shut down Platosa in 

6 months  IF  ...  is a direct response to the governement and the judicial system  and the 

community of Platosa  for the district court ruling which was egregious.   You can see from the

level 2s chart below  ....  lots of buying at $1.30  and sellers have dried up once more.

If the news had been taken as badly as some of the comments elsewhere which is basically

buyers wanting to fear monger the price down than this would be down 30 %   At the end of the 

day producing silver companies are not that many   ...  and with the price of silver going to the 

expected levels  than  Platosa is a very viable mine.    Opinion is  buy or hold.