So Mark Turner a resident of Peru puts out a blog on IKN  saying he warned us.\\

Tries to say he is genuis  and  presents that the news release of Excellon was full of crafty

words.   Basically provides absolutely no tangible evidence that Platosa is finished or how

the law suit plays out.    And  ...  boom  .....  people buy into this what I consider a fool  ...

sell without doing their own due diligence.

All I will say is has anyone bothered to just take into account what the Idaho projects are

worth  ...  what Otis gold is worth alone when it combined with Excellon.   A million oz of 

gold in the ground and probably multi million.    Or,   has anyone bothered to think what 

Platosa makes when the silver price goes kaboom.

Platosa is not going anywhere   ...  it is being used as leverage against an absolutely 

ridiculous ruling which will be overturned in the end.