Excellon stating that by half way into the year they may half to mothball Platosa is a perfect

weapon against the Mexican corrupt judicial system and now forces the politicians to intervene

in my opinion.   Imagine if we close the mine (temporarily for as long as we feel is necessary)

and layoff the workers  ...  hmmmmm   ....  laid off workers in a small town now start to voice

the outarageous court decision which is only handed out to try and extort money to spread 

amongst the officials handing out the judgement in the first  place.   Well now the local politicians

have a problem because they have a bunch of laid off workers  not to mention the side affects

of having the mine mothballed.   Politicians worry is to be reelected.  Further up the chain you 

have the Mexican government who already is starting to feel the miners turning on them because

of their stance.   Mexico needs the miners and the mining industry.    Excellon right here knows

what is coming as far as the silver price goes.  The silver is not going anywhere.   The price of 

silver is set to explode in the not too distant future and any with it comes the leverage that

Platosa has.  The Mexican corrupt judicial system laid down an outrageous extortion decision

and Excellon is playing hardball back.   The valuation of Excellon here is as outrageously low

as the court ruling was outrageously high.   In outrageous situations what normally happens

is they go back to a more normal state  ....  so expect the share price of Excellon to mover much

higher to reach its fair value  ....  just like the Mexicans ruling needs to go to a normal fair

value which is not extortion.   Below is a very long term weekly chart of Excellon.  It resembles

a very long commodity chart,  or precious metals chart for the miners.  The charts are basically

saying that with the inflation that is coming  and with the fed totally stuck in a corner  ...  you 

better have companies like Excellon in your portfolio.  

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