The correction/manipulation  of the precious metals sector has brought  so many

companies to mouth watering,  jaw dropping,  once in a lifetime opportunity prices.

Excellon to go along with the ridiculous district court decision is finding itself trading at prices,

that should be gobbled up hand over fist.    What this company has in its portfolio,  and the

valuation given to it right now is like saying to can buy a Bitcoin right now for $1000  or  less.

The physical supply of silver right now if one goes shopping for certain products is sooooooo

tight and it is indicative that the price will just blow to the upside.  It will do this in a matter of

a few days when it starts to move.  It will wait for no one.   Where is the price of Excellon when

both gold and silver prices rocket up ?    Having said all that the valuation of Excellon right

here and now makes no sense in comparison to many miners.   Unfortunately people can not

realize a bargain when they see one.   They would rather buy high and sell low.  Here are some

valuation comparisons just to prove my point  ...  I am not trying to say the companies I am

comparing to are not good  but just showing that what Excellon has  and is trading at does not

make any sense.

Excellon  -  $27 million dollar market cap

Kootenay  -   $54 million dollar market cap

Reyna  -  $65 million dollar market cap

Alexco  -  $295 million dollar market cap

Klondike  -  $13 million dollar market cap  ( Excellon just 2X this )  

Kuya  -  $45 million dollar market cap  

Vizsla  -  $376 million dollar market cap  

So  .....  if anyone wants to do a little math and a little work you will find that Excellon at these

prices is the no brainer of the century  ...  plain and simple.