"Exro opens doors for employees to its 37,000 square foot Canadian manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta.
Exro’s new facility in Canada will be equipped with automotive quality production lines, product showrooms, and collaborative office space, and can produce up to 100,000 units of Coil Driver annually for use across the Company’s product lines."
I know some will change that to per shift but I took the above quote from their page. If they ran the plant 365 days a year with no production rate problems it's around 275 per day.  We will not be seeing any large orders for some time and our plant would not be able to  produce them. If a large order was desired that entity would need to build out a production system of their own.  I can't see that happening anytime soon since our total orders for 2023 is rather low. 

I have some concerns about vast expenses and a handful of orders. How does this math work?