Let me start off saying that I hold FIRE stock and also cannot believe how low this stock is trading. I wait with you, for the day this stock breaks the $1 barrier. 

Q. Why did Beena secure all the cash ??? What is the company going to do ???  Why have we heard anything in the news ???  I went searching to see if I could find some answers, I believe I did.

I listened to the last interview with Beena and in there, there maybe someting we choosse not to discuss, or, we just ignore. Beena was asked about the prospect of another strong quarter like the previous quarter, and she responced by saying, next quarter's results will be softer than the previous. Honest but down played. She went on to say that this softer quarter is due to the Covid restictions placed on the company and people of Canada. Beena also said they are not looking to the USA at this time for expansion / growth.

Maybe the cash that was raised, in large par,t is just for operational expenses. Not something I want to hear as an investor at this time. The company is still well positioned, but we may all just have to wait for our payday with FIRE stock.