The stock has to stop jumping between $.27 - $.29.

I own a lot of shares, and will give it 3-6 months (or less)  before I sell.

The company needs to hire a top IR Firm (FAST) and start promoting the stock!

Promoting isn't "Pump & Dump", it's letting people know about the company's growth, products and or new relationships, if revenue looks like it might beat on revenue, up the guidance and promote that!

I owned EGLX and it sat at $1 and change forever but I help through the rides up and down and it's close to $10 today! 

And I believe the key was IR.

Here's why?

Google:  Supreme Cannabis
Google: EGLX

EGLX is filled with NEWS like crazy, so I feel Supreme has to do same and show they're not the same company they were in 1979, and they grew super fast, made some mistakes, but now are focusing on;

B 2 B (ie Tilroy and Shoppers Drug Mart! You need to be PROMOTING that Beena!

they also whitelabke for other retailers;

and ship internationally to Australia, Israel, and hopefully the US soon, or they'll announce a partnership with a large US outfit which provides strategic help from an experienced company like Supreme and Supreme in turn can partner with a large capitalized company, which would bring the stock to where it belongs - $4.20!