To Already Supreme Investors or Those Thinking of Buying Supreme, Here's my Unbiased Opinion Why Supreme Cannabis is a Strong Buy! 

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So let's dive into it...

Most recently BMO invested $25M into Supreme Cannabis @ $.31 per share with warrants for $.40 since they hired NEW CEO, Beena Goldenberg, who has done a fantastic job monetizing the revenue streams Supreme Cannabis has (ie Multi-Year Contracts with Shoppers Drug Mart, and whitelabelling products for larger retail brands like Tilroy. Maybe they’ll merge or profit share on some new upcoming brands? 
They also great recreational cannabis year over year by over 70%, and ship Internationally to countries including Australia, Israel, and other countries who feel Supreme Cannabis is a premium product for; medicinal research, recreational, and other purposes.
Beena seems to have a clear strategy to monetize the spaces with highest margins and growing those segments larger generating higher profits sooner than expected, which should make MMCAP decide to hold their debentures or convert them at $.42 if they believe as did BMO that Supreme will succeed given their first to market experience (albeit with some errors, but grant them that it’s scratching the surface of a completely new legal industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars, so Supreme is extremely well positioned for continued growth in Canada, and also in other countries including the US now!
If BMO invested $25M at $.31 with warrants of $.40, I believe the stock should be trading at a much higher valuation, at least $.50-$.60 currently with an upside trend in line with their continued growth, which is how stock typically work. Unless MMCAP is purposely trying to manipulate the stock with their position in the float to lower the price and pick up more of a long position at a lower price. And when they feel they have enough risk, they can then start moving the stock price up by lowering selling pressure (not too many shares on a daily basis, which is why I feel it’s been a while with no MAJOR movement since MMCAP controls the float, too much selling with hurt their long investment (which I’m guessing if their outlook on Supreme as a growth company). And when their play is ready (whatever it is), the stock will start to trend upward and perhaps move much quicker to the upside than many anticipate.
That’s my opinion piece after all the due diligence I’ve done on Supreme Cannabis, and would rate it at anything below $1.00 as a Strong Buy, $1.00-$5.00 a Buy, $5.00-$20.00 a HOLD.
Those are my analysis predictions for Supreme Cannabis investors.
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