Huge fan of the company, stock, CEO, and they just got multiple upgrades!  Also many people might not know but Beena  worked under Apharia CEO,  Irwin Simon @ Haines Celestial for 13 years and are very close.  I can see Apharia backing or buying Supreme up to $10 after she took Haines Celestial from $40M to over $300M annually making Irwin a very wealthy man, and continues his consolidation plans for the Canadian Market.  If you have the time for a BIG announcement or continued earnings growth like Beena did at Celestial Haines, she is a VERY strong and determined woman and will make Supreme a $100M+ company. Patience my dear friends.  Supreme Cannabis ( will see HUGE gains as the space consolidates, they have a great strategy, very focused, and Beena has 30 years experience in growth spaces so be patient, as they say “good things come to those who are”   Also listen to this Podcast with Beena and you’ll wanna buy MORE more at these levels when you hear her vision, strategy, clarity, and confidence!  

Great Great Buy at These Prices!