Stellar revieue md much appreciated and it sounds like not only the bud but the new, smaller jar is going to be a hit as well....haven't had any FIREwappa for a few years now so look forward to a sampling as well.

The ~19% FIREofferings are still better than most anything out there, north of 20% included, Jean Gee is in that 18-21% range and is still one of the finest products shelved anywhere. Sounds like the staff were amped up a bit as well about the Wappa and maybe the rest of the FIRE line up, is that the case? These folks have a big impact on product sold.

Still no product at Shoppers so it looks like we are going to have a very solid report for the quarter and the start of the turn we have been waiting waiting for.. No sense to wish you a good day as that hais already been established.   JMHO...Opt

maritimedreamer wrote: Not the best reviewer but here we go.....

Just picked up the Wappa: 3.5G in a small glossy black container. The top had a rounded edge....much better packaging people! 19.59% packaged feb 24th. I opened the package right at the NSLC store because all the bud tenders were stoked to see it. The nose on this puppy is incredible....super sweet with little spice ....The smell is amazing...really hits you and already starts pleasing experience. The buds themselves were tight coated in frost. There were three larger buds and two smaller with no shake...I think these packages really help maintain quality during shipment. The smoke....well all I can say is super smooth and it took me almost an hr to type this (lol). For 19% she is def hitting above its punch weight! All in all well done supreme !