yes, I am sure many shareholders think the same. The big difference I see with other compoanies in the space who would appear to have a less robust business model but much higher valuations is that they have significant sponsorship whether its a Sony in this case or in other cases a known VC or PE firm that have the connections and markeitng chops to get growth tech like valuations.

EGLX on the other hand does not have solid institutional sponsorship. Canacord seem to have done very little except offer basic execution services..

So Adrian and team are on their own trying to get the mindshare the company deserves which is very difficult with all the market noise out there.  But eventually fundamentals always shine through so if the team execute on the plan with revenue and sub growth over the next 12 months the market will catch up to the story.

I saw recently they are recruiting for a VP of corporate communication and engagement which is definitely needed to free up some of Adrians and to put together a strategic market engagement campaign which would include engagement with all the major US Tier 1 and 2 buy side firms/analysts, Engagement with other pools of capital inclding US family offices, Tier 1 Hedge Funds, Endowments Etc as well as a campaign around particpation in the major tech related conferences in the US. And that is just in the physical world, there is a whole different an equally important engagement campaign that needs to be done in the digital world around Social media etc.I have a background in this area and I think getting the right person to execute on these sorts of initatives would help company get into the mainstream wall st consciousness alongside the likes of Discord, Twitch etc. which would help pull us out of the minor leagues and into the majors.