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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum FRANCO-NEVADA CORPORATION T.FNV

Alternate Symbol(s):  FNV

Franco-Nevada Corp is a precious-metals-focused royalty and investment company. The company owns a diversified portfolio of precious... see more

Bullboard (TSX:FNV)

Post by MrDales62on May 01, 2023 9:02am

Another US bank failure,

wow, if the signs weren't strong enough already. Bump up your PM allocation, minimum 30%. GLTA
Post by MrDales62on Mar 15, 2023 5:46pm


Big numbers. Strong Financial Position Earned record GEOs, revenue, Adjusted Net Income, Adjusted EBITDA and operating cash flow in 2022 No debt and $2.2 billion in available ...more  
Comment by Sasha11on Mar 10, 2023 2:00pm

RE:Panama Cobre mine to reopen

A small %, which still helps and also shows dealing with third world governments need to diversify to reduce risk. FNV seems to be doing a good job with that, highlighting the importance of not ...more  
User Avatar Image
  • seriousinvestX
Post by seriousinveston Mar 09, 2023 4:23pm

Panama Cobre mine to reopen

FNV has I believe a very large and important streaming agreement with respect to this mine which has been closed for around 3 months. The co and Panama reached an agreement so the mine will soon be ...more  
Post by MrDales62on Mar 08, 2023 10:18am

Todays news release,

didn't really have many options here. Pay or get nothing. Don't like mines in these locations. GLTA
Post by Value2020on Nov 29, 2022 8:52pm

MJS.V Fact Sheet - Including Q3

Market Cap:        $ 93.41 Million Cash Position:    $ 69.94 Million ( 51.50 Million USD ) ****** Zero Debt ****** Getting MJS for: $ 23.47 Million ( 17.28 ...more  
Post by Value2020on Nov 24, 2022 7:22pm

MJS.V Detailed Fact Sheet for Review

Mine In Productin Since 2011 Mine License exptenedl for 10 years  Till 2031. First Licensed for 5 year ...more  
Post by Vinnie3on Nov 16, 2022 8:58pm

Sage advice to understand the manipulators

Sage advice to understand the manipulators You've all seen it , in the past week gold is up around $10 at 7 am to gradually go lower and closer to around 0 change from yesterday's closing ...more  
Post by Vinnie3on Nov 11, 2022 12:59pm

I told you

I told you this is about as low risk as you can get. Plus the gold sector is down which is good because it cant go down when the US dollar is collapsing and QE will come back. Plus the mining sector ...more  
Post by Vinnie3on Nov 07, 2022 9:16pm

How will elections affect FNV

If the democrats win CXB may go up faster. Studies have shown that democrats have looser QE post election traits. Repubicans are more likely to tighten monetary policy, More QE reduces the value of ...more  
Post by Vinnie3on Oct 24, 2022 10:29pm

My deep thought - from the president

I am encouragrd by the market manipulations. Gold is kept strait , meeting expectations which is the point of gold. We have to let the dollar fall a bit to maintianeequilibrium. Equities can stay ...more  
Post by Vinnie3on Oct 13, 2022 10:10pm

Why the Dow suddenly went up at 9:40 am

the volume was high until 9:40 then suddenly very  low at 940 and the algos trigerred the shorts and it snowballed upwards. That was the plunge protection team that saw the algo patterns and ...more  
Post by Vinnie3on Oct 07, 2022 9:08pm

why gold stuff is so weird?

Tha markets are now 100% under bank and govt controls, forget individual stocks, just look at sectors. They (definitionof they:rich and powerful peope): 1)raise unterest rates so they get a better ...more  
Post by retiredcfon Jul 19, 2022 9:20am

Scotia Capital

Expecting “mixed” second-quarter results from senior gold companies, Scotia Capital analyst Tanya Jakusconek predicts investor focus will be on costs, “particularly 2022 guidance, given the higher ...more  
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